Newark Academy Athletics

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Newark Academy’s strength and conditioning program at the Danco Fitness Center is specially designed to enhance student-athlete performance with the goal of increasing confidence and success, on and off the field/court/pool. Our objective is to oversee the development of each student and make sure they are progressing toward their individual and team goals. Strength, speed/agility, conditioning, nutrition and movement education are all components of our program that encompass the optimal whole athlete. We want our students to leave each session feeling fulfilled by their work, commitment and ever-growing abilities. Our standards will always take priority and make sure that each student is accountable for their actions.

In addition to weight training, speed/agility & conditioning sessions are held weekly. In-season teams will meet as scheduled by their coach. Off-season athletes may come during open gym times where they will find their team’s program. SAFETY– Safety is our top priority. The goal of training is to improve and not hinder health. This is accomplished by proper exercise/weight selection, spotting, spacing and coaching through all movements. TRAINING ENVIRONMENT- Bringing great energy and competition to each training session is within our control. We aim to make our sessions a place where student-athletes want to be. We want to challenge and motivate our athletes with the knowledge that their work has lasting implications for their team. VARIETY- To avoid training sessions from being stagnant, we will vary our programs. Although key exercises will be consistently incorporated; load, volume and tempo will change as the year progresses. MENTAL TOUGHNESS- The weight room and our training program is geared to provide each student with mental and emotional wellness, not just physical wellness. The ability to be accountable consistently and to overcome adversity will help develop many character traits needed in and out of sports. With this, we hope to positively impact the confidence and self-esteem that our students need at the present time and in the future. See Our Current Weekly Schedule, Subject to Change

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